Frequently asked questions

Are you a Registered Company?

Yes, we are registered company and we are operating for the last 4 years .

How is transportation done on other parts of the india apart from assam?

We can arrange frieght from our end weither it be by train or by any courier services but the charges will have to beared by you.

How much hatching percentage you can guarantee on your egg incubators?

We get this question a lot ! The hatching percentage depends on a lot of factors such as egg handling, how it is transported, how much fertile the eggs are, the male ratio in the breeding flock and also the person who is monitoring the egg incubator is well trained and knows to operate the incubator properly. Rest assured if the eggs are fertile and handled properly in the farm as well as during transportation , we can guarantee 80 %.

How to place order for egg incubator?

You can place your order by calling directly in our official number 8011016170.

What is the delivery time?

We take aroung 15 days to deliver .We are continuosly working on multiple projects so the best we can do is 15 days. But we will try our best to deliver it as soon as possible.

How can i pay for my order?

You will have to pay 60% first and the rest at the time of delivery. we can pay us cash , through net banking or through any online platform.